My latest Entry 1 Writing Worksheets and Workbook 2

It's that time of year again when my students are frantically preparing for their Entry 1 ESOL and Functional Skills exams in a few weeks time. 

The vast majority of my learners find writing in English extremely challenging, particularly if they come from low literacy backgrounds or their first language has a different alphabet like Arabic or Kurdish.

I have tried to create activities that focus on "practical" situations that my students may face (e.g. writing a text message to their teacher). However as the exam topics are not always that relevant my students everyday lives (sending a postcard is a very Western concept!) some of the worksheets have been created specifically to help my learners prepare for activities they may come across in ESOL and FS Entry 1 writing exams.

Each of the worksheets follow the same pattern. There is an example text, questions to answer, a "think of" / "choose" section where students need to use their own ideas, a template for students to write their ideas in the text, an empty template for students to copy out their own text and then an error correction activity at the end.  Be careful that students don't just copy from the original text into the gap fill activities and emphasize that it is for their own ideas (some of my students still do this, despite months of telling them not to!). 

I have also made an Entry 1 Writing Workbook 2 (link to Workbook 1 below). This is a collection of several writing worksheets together in one document (each task following the pattern above). My colleague recently told me that she found the activities useful for Entry 2 as well.

My latest worksheets are here (click on the picture to download):


Let me know what you think of the worksheets in the comments box below and tell me how your students get on with them 😀

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