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Requests to Edit Documents

Hi everyone, Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blog, shared my resources and spread the word about my blog! What started as a small lockdown project in 2020 with just a few views each month has now expanded to over a 1000 visits per month, which is really exciting! I often receive many requests to edit my resources. Unfortunately, with the restrictions on Bloggler I can only upload resources via Google Docs, which makes access to 'edit' documents a bit tricky, as it would mean everyone could edit at the same time. If anyone knows a solution to this, I would be really grateful for ideas 😀  Whilst, I will do my best to respond to you, I currently do not have a lot of time to answer all the requests due to my current work commitments.  However, you can find the majority of my resources on the website ISLcollective under the name of Squeen , with the options to download and edit as you wish.  You can access my materials here: English ESL worksheets, activities for d