Writing invitations and letters about holiday activities with Entry 1

I have been very busy teaching my Entry 1 students writing skills over the last few weeks in preparations for their Entry 1 ESOL and FS writing exams. 

Enabling ESOL students to write at Entry 1 can be a challenge, as some literacy concepts such as writing postcards and letters can be quite alien to learners. Writing postcards especially is a very British/ Western activity and these days so much communication is now done online digitally (when was the last time you handwrote a note rather than send a text message?). One of my students pointed out today that she doesn't need to worry about spelling when she e-mails her boss as the computer checks everything automatically! Therefore, I try hard to familiarise my students with as many different types of written text as possible and encourage them to write about places they are familiar with using the name of another friend in the class to write to.  

As with my previous Entry 1 worksheets, the first page is designed as an example and used as a reading activity, followed by a gap fill where my students are encouraged to choose their own words and then a space for them to write their own letters. I have also included an activity for students to correct their mistakes at the end (this always a great activity for stronger and quicker learners). 

Do you have any good Entry 1 writing ESOL activities? What do you make of the current ESOL and FS writing exams for Entry 1? Leave your comments in the box below.

Here are my latest worksheets (click on the pics to download):



Letters and Postcard Activities:



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