Pre-Entry body parts, health problems and medical treatment resources.

 Over the last few weeks I have been introducing my very low (zero) literacy ESOL students to body parts, health problems and medical treatment vocabulary. One of the main reasons for this is to encourage my students to be confident should they or their family need medical help. Another reason is to help them see that certain words like "children" and "expiry date" can be found on medication labels, enabling them to gain some practical skills for word recognition. 

My PowerPoints can be used for both Zoom and face-to-face teaching. They include slow typing motion to show students how the words are formed (with colour-coded vowels). They also include matching activities, simple sentences to practice reading and a few have "fill in the missing letter" activities (see below).

Today, I asked my colleagues to bring in their old "over the counter" medical packaging and I was able to create a mini pharmacy in my classroom. My students were able to look for words such as 'mouth', 'cough' and 'pain', to identify what the medicine was for and to see whether it was for adults or children. I have created a 'Reading Medicine Labels' worksheet for this activity which you can find below (click on the picture to download):

PowerPoints (click on the picture to download):

Recommended websites:

I have also used some very good online materials for teaching health topics to zero/ low literacy learners. The websites I recommend are:

Do you have any good resources for teaching about health to low/ zero literacy ESOL learners? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments box below 😀


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