Phonics, Colours and Clothes for Pre-Entry Low Literacy Students on Zoom.

 I've created two new PowerPoints for zero/ low literacy students to use on Zoom, this time focusing on colours and clothes (using British English).

I have tried to break up the vocabulary into simple phonics patterns (CVC/ CVCC etc.) and to use words relevant to my students everyday lives. 

I have struggled to find adult appropriate and phonics friendly materials for very low English learners who have zero / low literacy skills which uses British English. Whilst there is a lot of amazing American resources out there, I do feel it is important to familarise my students with British English words, as that is what they are most likely to encounter when shopping in Britain. Therefore, I have decided to include words like "jumper" instead of "sweater" and "trousers" instead of "pants". 

Do you struggle with the differences between British and American English when teaching low level/ beginner English? What approach do you take? I'd love to read your comments in the box below 🙂 

Here are my two latest PowerPoints. Each one includes a "Find me something" activity, matching, letter filling and discussion questions. They should each last for about 4 houses on Zoom (depending on your class of course!). Click on the pictures to download.

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂


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