Pre-Entry Zoom Rooms of the House and Object lessons with Phonics.

 I've recently created several resources to use with very low literacy Pre-Entry learners on Zoom. For the last six weeks we have been learning about rooms in the house and household objects. These materials have been created specifically for learners who are unable to read and write on their first language and who really struggle with learning to read in English.

I have chosen to focus on rooms/ house objects as a way of making language meaningful and practical for my learners and to encourage them to practice using English in their everyday lives. Several of my learners really enjoyed describing their 'bedrooms' and 'living rooms' to me using their mobile phone cameras to give the class a tour and others started to write down object words on post-it notes which they stuck around their house!

I have also tried to breakdown words by basic phonic and sound patterns. The Teach ABC English website has some great interactive activities for initial phonic sounds, CVC words and long and short vowel sounds. I would always start my lessons on Zoom revising these sounds and then highlight the sound patterns in the vocabulary words on the PowerPoint using different coloured letters. You will also see in the "view slide" setting that each letter appears separately, emphasising the fact we read from left to right in English (unlike in Arabic and several other languages). 

Each PowerPoint has activities such as "read and find the object"- encouraging my learners to go to the correct room and find the objects in their house e.g. "cup" and "cushion". There are also activities for matching the words to the pictures, filling in the missing letters, watching some videos and reading a short text using the specific words. Everything in total should last for 2-4 hours on Zoom- depending on your learners. I tend to use one PowerPoint over 2 days, allowing a lot of time for repetition and revision.

If you have any questions or want any more information please leave a comment in the box below 😀

Here are my latest PowerPoints (just click the picture to download):


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