Back to Zoom Teaching and Pre-Entry House Object Words.

 It's been awhile since my last few posts. but I have been rather busy going back to online teaching on Zoom. These last few weeks have involved going back to shouting "press connect to audio!" and "you need to unmute!" to my ESOL learners, most of whom have coped with online learning very well.

I've also had the chance to be more creative with my online resources. 

Here are my latest PowerPoints for my low/ zero literacy Pre-Entry learners learning about objects in the home. I have made the PowerPoints to focus on phonics and sound patterns and have chosen home words as a way to make the language relevant and meaningful to my learners' lives.

Each PowerPoint has activities such as "read and find the object", encouraging my learners to go to the correct room and find the objects in their house e.g. "cup" and "cushion". There are also activities for matching the words to the pictures, filling in the missing letters, watching some videos and reading a short text.

The PowerPoints so far (click the picture to download):

Kitchen Words:

Bedroom Words:

I will be posting some bathroom and living room PowerPoints soon.

Let me know what you think of them in the comments box below 😀


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