Advice for EAL teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools

 I've been asked by a few Primary and secondary School teacher's recently about resources and materials for EAL students (English as an Additional Language) who have just started school in the UK and have low English levels.

Whilst I am not an EAL specialist, I do think absolute beginner (low literacy) ESOL materials can be relevant to both teenagers and adults. For primary school children there are a lot of other great resources out there as well. 

Do you teach EAL or ESOL? What websites do you use? Please post in the comments box below 😀

Here are my best free websites if your students have low/ zero literacy skills in English or their first language:

Here are my best free vocabulary and grammar websites for low English levels:
Here are my best free websites for higher levels:
  If you or your school are happy to pay for resources then I can recommend these websites:
For Primary School/ Young learners:


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